“Making our film in Oklahoma has been an amazing experience. The unique, timeless locations and the friendly people – such as Leroy Alsup from Guthrie City Hall who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to accommodate us – make Oklahoma, and Guthrie in particular, a town to definitely keep in mind

for our future projects.”

-Director Peter Foldy, Stuck Out of Love 2018

“I could not have shot

‘Infamous’ anywhere but in Oklahoma. Its

geographical diversity allows it to stand in for a

multitude of other locations, including Florida and

Texas, and the land on which this state rests is both haunting and beautiful. Furthermore, I have found in the people here a warmth and desire to help and contribute. They have opened their homes and their businesses to us, lending the film an authenticity you could never fake, and

for that I am forever grateful.”

-Writer/Director Caldwell, Infamous 2019

“Guthrie is one of

our most popular filming destinations. We are so proud and so thankful that the Guthrie community consistently embraces production teams and helps them feel at home.”

-Director Tava Maloy Sofsky, A Thousand Little Cuts 2019

 “There’s something special about this place. Not just the picturesque locations, perfectly preserved historical architecture and beautiful pastel sunsets; it’s the people. Everyone’s been so helpful and accommodating. We’re incredibly thankful for the opportunity to film here, work with local craftsmen and women, and to be welcomed into this community with open arms.”

- Producer Colin Edward Lawrence, Stuck Out of Love 2018

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