“Making our film in Oklahoma has been an amazing experience. The unique, timeless locations and the friendly people – such as Leroy Alsup from Guthrie City Hall who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to accommodate us – make Oklahoma, and Guthrie in particular, a town to definitely keep in mind

for our future projects.”

-Director Peter Foldy, Stuck Out of Love 2018

“I could not have shot

‘Infamous’ anywhere but in Oklahoma. Its

geographical diversity allows it to stand in for a

multitude of other locations, including Florida and

Texas, and the land on which this state rests is both haunting and beautiful. Furthermore, I have found in the people here a warmth and desire to help and contribute. They have opened their homes and their businesses to us, lending the film an authenticity you could never fake, and

for that I am forever grateful.”

-Writer/Director Caldwell, Infamous 2019